Vacation – No Vacation in Tunis

Recently I’ve had the chance to visit my Tunisian friends for ten days of coffee, sheesha and the incredible variety of the Tunisian cuisine. Nevertheless my friend and long time Beyond Borders Band  collaborator Fadhel Boubaker pulled some strings and I was able to do a radio interview with Radio Tunis (RTCI) and also play a featured appearance at the amazing Wax Bar in Gammarth just at the Mediterranean beach. The club organized a great rhythm section consisting of Hedi Fahem on guitar, Marouen Allam on bass and Youssef Soltana on the drums. We had a blast that night, playing one of my compositions along with a super fun set of Scofield, Kenny Garrett and Roy Hargrove tunes. Unfortunately there’s no footage from that night as far as I know. Surely it won’t have been the last of them though!


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